Services Overview
Maintaining a close relationship, delivering specialized services, and utilizing technologies.

- Smart Statistics
- Track Customers
- Secure Forms
- Online Management

Web Design
- Banner Ads
- Custom Websites
- Company Logos

Web Hosting
A website isn't happy without a proper home.

Great Hosting Plans
. 1Gb
. 5 POP3 Email Accts
. 1Gb/mo Traffic
. $15/mo!


Virus Information
Useful information: top viruses, virus advisories, hoaxes and free virus scan.

Answers to questions regarding hosting, technical information, and our policies.

Technical Glossary
Stumped on a certain technical term?

Forbesoft, Inc.

Services: Anyone Can Benefit

We specialize in quality web design, reliable web hosting, and the development of custom internet and intranet applications.

Whether you are just starting out or expanding your technology basis, we will supply you with an effective solution for your hardware, software and internet (or intranet) requirements. Getting familiar with our services is the first step toward your success.

Reliable Web Hosting

As an added option for customers, we offer reliable web hosting options. If you have specific questions about our hosting that are not covered in our plan details, browse to our FAQ to see what others are asking.

We will even register your domain name for FREE!

Strong Customer Relationship

A strong customer relationship is an essential part of successful business today. We work on a person-to-person basis with all customers to maintain a positive relationship. Obtaining knowledge in our customers enables us to effectively apply our services. Take a look at some of our Customer feedback.

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Special Offers

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Domain Registration
We are now offering these domain services: registration, transfers, multilingual domains, NameSpin, whois, and expired name lookup.