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This section is designed for our members to answer questions on Starcraft/Brood War strategies.

Q: What are some good Zerg build orders?

A: For immediate rush (7-pool):

"That means you're building your SP on the 7th drone. This build is a good beginner's build for zerg. 7-pool is basically a build (on hunters) for immediate rushing. Unless you're going to try to kill a guy in the first few minutes, you should never pool that early."


A: For team rushing (9-pool):

"A good rush build in team games is simply the nine pool. (Spawn Pool on 9th drone.) You then go overlord and a creep colony while saving up 150 minerals. As soon as your Spawn Pool arrives, you morph six zerglings and rush. This rush can hurt a Protoss if they've been screwing up and will kill a zerg that is double hatching. Never zergling rush a Terran."

"Nine pool is the build you should use whenever there is a random or Zerg player. You have to be prepared for that six zergling rush, and that basically means getting your pool in time to have a sunken colony. A sunken plus your drones can fight off a double zergling rush no problem. Just make sure your drones get out there in time. In these cases, I go 9-pool, then drone, then 2nd hatchery, drone, overlord, creep colony. Then, after 2nd hatchery pops, you can pump zerglings while going 3rd hatchery, or get gas to transition to hydralisks, or lurker rush, or mutalisk rush."


A: For no Zerg or random player opponents (double hatch)

"Basically you build to 9 drones, then put down your 2nd hatchery before the spawn pool. This allows you to get the good economy that you need early. I'll use this sometimes against zerg if I feel right, or if the positions are just right. There are lots of ways to do the double hatch one will have to experiment."


A: For Big Game Hunters (11/9 double hatch)

"11/9 double hatch goes like this:

  1. Build drones to 9 control.
  2. At the same time, build an extractor on both your geysers. You are now at 7/9 supply.
  3. Now as soon as you get the money, build 2 more drones. Now at 9/9 supply.
  4. Now cancel the 2 extractors and put the drones on minerals.

You'll now have 11/9 control, and have 11 drones mining. You'll basically have your 300 for the 2nd hatch as soon as your drones pop, so you can put it down right away. You'll then have the 150 for the SP just a few seconds later. Build a creep colony while morphing the pool. That way you can sunken it as soon as the SP is done. This will get you your sunken about 30 secs faster, which is crucial. Then you get your overlord.

On regular hunters, you can do this extractor trick as well for 10/9 supply, but this doesn't really effect economy that much. I'll go to 11/9 with an extractor and creep colony though."



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