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Maintaining a close relationship, delivering specialized services, and utilizing technologies.

- Smart Statistics
- Track Customers
- Secure Forms
- Online Management

Web Design
- Banner Ads
- Custom Websites
- Company Logos

Web Hosting
A website isn't happy without a proper home.

Great Hosting Plans
. 1Gb
. 5 POP3 Email Accts
. 1Gb/mo Traffic
. $15/mo!


Virus Information
Useful information: top viruses, virus advisories, hoaxes and free virus scan.

Answers to questions regarding hosting, technical information, and our policies.

Technical Glossary
Stumped on a certain technical term?

Customizable Hosting Options

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Hosting ExtraCost
Domain Name OptionsDomain Options
Additional Domain Aliases (each)1st - $100/yr
2nd-5th - $20/yr
5th+ - $10/yr
Additional Disk Space10Mb: $10/mo - $100/yr
100Mb: $50/mo - $500/yr
Additional Bandwidth (1Gb)$30/mo - $300/yr
Canonical/Vanity Domain$10/mo
1 Additional POP3 Email Account$2/mo - $20/yr
1 Additional FTP Account$6/mo - $60/yr
Anonymous FTP Account$20/mo
1 Mailing List (1000 Subscribers)$30/mo - $300/yr
Additional 1000 Subscribers$30/mo - $300/yr
.NET Framework v2.0$18/mo - $180/yr
Additional Access Database DSN$10/mo - $100/yr
MS SQL 2000 Database20Mb: $36/mo - $360/yr
40Mb: $60/mo - $600/yr
100Mb: $120/mo - $1200/yr
Full Text Catalog$70/mo - $700/yr
Custom DLL or CFX$90 (one-time setup)
Scheduled Tasks$10/mo - $100/yr
Cart32 v4.3 Shopping Cart$30/mo - $300/yr
Virtual SSL (secure socket layer)$15/mo - $150/yr
3rd Party Certificate Install/Admin$90/yr
Dedicated SSL (your own secure certificate)$340/yr
Real Server Professional$38/mo - $380/yr
Windows Media Server v8$38/mo - $380/yr
Graphics / Web Design$75/hr or per quote
Database Development$100/hr or per quote
Application Programming$100/hr or per quote


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